The JUNCTION CITY CHRONICLES is a quarantined inspired side project focusing on Tone Kapone's hometown.  His need to stay busy eventually led to him spending part of his downtime talking with some of the movers & shakers from or currently living in Junction City, Kansas.  The stories that came from these conversations are something magical and made this series rewarding and informative.  

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People from my hometown tend to stay connected throughout the years despite of our current location. With that being said my Aunt in D.C. has been trying to link me with one of the artists she came across for a few years now. What's crazy about ToneButta is that he's been to the Junk and performed multiple times before we finally met. At this point he's technically extended family and I had to check in with him for Book 4 of the Junction City Chronicles. We had an in-depth discussion about the role his Faith plays in his music. The message he preaches in his music is full of symbolism and it's refreshing compared to what you hear these days. Make sure you follow him on IG at @callmetonebutta.

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The story of Junction City Hip-Hop can't be told without mentioning Weazal Wyzel. He's been putting on for the Junk for years now and is one of the most visible artists to come out of the Town. We talked about how his music and hustle has changed through the years and different ways he has adapted to the industry for Book 3 of the Junction City Chronicles. Follow him on IG at @weazalwyzel.


One of the names that's buzzing around JC's music scene is Sleeze The Kingpin and I got a chance to chop it up with him for Book 2. He has an amazing story to tell and we definitely went into detail about the situation.  You can follow Sleeze The Kingpin on IG at @sleeze_the_kingpin.



Book 1 highlights D. Lee aka Big Bro who now resides in Pensacola Fl. We talked about what he's up to musically, how he's dealing with the fallout of the pandemic and also heard some unreleased material in this conversation. Make sure you follow him on IG at @dabeatjunky.